Double Heat:

For applications that require sealing heavy materials without reducing output. (All models except ST-80)

Pinch Roller System:

This feature works well for gusset bags. The pinch roller ensures integrity of the seal at the gussets.

Trim Seal Chute:

For those models with trim feature, the trimchute is a cost effective method for collecting trim scrap.

Deep Tunnel:

For handle style bags.

Quick Set Cooling:

Requires clean, dry, compressed air. Provides a very effective system for cooling the seal at high speed and heavy mill bag applications. Due to the very cool air generated, the sealing band belt life is extended. This type of cooling system was developed by us and has proven to be very effective.

Date Code Embosser:

This model is available upon request. It can be installed on models ST200, ST225, ST250, and ST2215PRHD in the field. Installation costs extra, so please call us for details. Electronic bag detection and hardened-steel type is used in the embossing process.

Compression Belts:

The ST250 series of conveyors can be fitted with a compression belt mounted on the incline conveyor, which will expel the majority of excess air in the bag. The ST225 series of conveyors can be installed with side compression belts to achieve the same purpose.

Product Counter:

Available on the full rotary sealer product line.

Splash Proofing:

Due to the design of a continuous rotary heat sealer, they are difficult to waterproof. However, we can make them splash proof by covering the critical components. It should be noted that even if it is made to be "splash proof", the sealing band cannot be power washed.

Electrical Requirements:

Standard sealer lines requires 110-120 Volts AC @ 60Hz. The ST2215PRHD is manufactured to operate at 220-240 Volts. Other models can also be modified to work with 220-240 Volts. If you require a nonstandard working voltage, then it must be specified at the time of ordering, so please call us for details.


All of the above options are available as factory installed at the time of the machine order. They must be specified at the time that you are placing an order.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.