Model ST225

Product Features

-Seals virtually all heat sealable materials.
-Stainless Steel and Anodonized Alluminum Construction.
-Trim above seal line (maximum trim 3.25").
-Trim Blower.
-Food Grade Belts.
-Stainless Steel Conveyor (5" wide by 60").
-Adjustable Conveyor and Sealing Head (maximum bag   length 36").
-Gear Motor parallel to rear of Conveyor.
-Stainless Steel Frame with locking, swivel castors.
-Shaft driven Sealing Head.
-Variable Product Guide Rails.
-Illuminated on/off switch.

Product Options Available:

-Dual Heat for heavy gauge bags.
-Quick Set Cooling for high speed applications.
-Pinch Roller system for gusset bags.
-Date Coding.
-Product Counter.
-Digital Speed Indicator.
-Process Validation.
-Emergency Stop.
-Trim Scrap Chute.
-Splash Proofing.
-Roller Bed for staging station at loading area.
-Driven Side Belts.
-Conveyors available in various widths and lengths.
-Left to Right Feed.
-220 - 240 Volt A.C., Single Phase.

Product Specifications:

-Speed: Variable to 1100 inches per minute.
-Digital Temperature Control: Variable and Tamperproof.
-Sealing Bands: Low Cost, Tefton/Fiberglass.
-Seal Width: Standard 3/16" (Available from 1/8" to   7/16")
-Electrical: 110-120Volt, 60Hz, Single phase.