Model ST80

Product Features

-Seals virtually all heat sealable materials.
-Stainless Steel and Anodonized Alluminum Construction.
-Sealed bearings.
-Table top operation.
-Adjustable working angle.
-Loading Shelf.
-Illuminated on/off switch.
-Designed for Lightweight Products.

Product Options Available:

-Bench Stand.
-Custom Designed Loading Guide.
-Product Support Belts.

Product Specifications:

-Speed: 590 inches per minute, fixed.
-Digital Temperature Control: Variable and Tamperproof.
-Sealing Bands: Low Cost, Tefton/Fiberglass. (10 provided   at no charge)
-Seal Width: Standard 3/16" (Available from 1/8" to   7/16")
-Electrical: 110-120Volt, 60Hz, Single phase.

Additional Information:

-The above model is also available with variable speed.  (Model ST80VS)