Model STDT160

General Use:

The STDT-160 is specifically used for fold over top material. Also called a Roller Sealer.

Product Features

-Alluminum and Stainless Steel construction.
-Two Variable Temperature Controllers, each controlling a   heating zone.
-Three Cooling Fans, center fan is independently switched.
-Upper and Lower Heating Zones.
-Each Zone has a fixed 6" and two 3" spring loaded, and   adjustable, pressure seal bars.
-6" Throat Depth.
-Four Sealing Bands.
-Independently controlled solenoid valve to open and   close sealing jaws.
-Adjustable floor pads to allow a web path of any angle.
-Stainless Steel Covers.
-Seal widths available from 1/8" to 7/16".
-Cradle floor stand.

Product Options Available:

-Special frame for operation in a verticle position.